Life’s a Mystery :

We’ve all had our paranormal incidents. We’ve all had weird things, unexplainable things, happen to us. And we remember these events – it’s not something you brush off, no matter how long ago. Now see, I’m not a genius writer, I can’t tell you a mind-blowing scary story that will knock your socks off, But I may give you chills. I’m just here to share my paranormal experiences because, well, everyone else would think I’m crazy – at least here I know there is someone reading through this and know that I wouldn’t make this up.
Well, here’s one that stayed with me for a while. In grade 7, I made a new friend because well frankly, I didn’t like the people in my school and the new girl seemed to catch my attention because she was different. We became really good friends. We shared a lot of spooky stories with each other, she even told me that she practices voodoo – and that she learnt how to somehow, come out of her body – and travel places, like a ghost. Of course this sounds so bizarre I didn’t believe it. But one night something strange happened to me. I only remember some of it. I awoke in the middle of the night, and went out of my room, and stood in front of my door for a bit. But I wasn’t fully aware of my actions. I truly believe, I was possessed this night. I remember, very very quietly entering my parents room, and stood there. I raised my hand in front of me, facing their bed, and started to mumble something. I then remember appearing in the hallway again, I guess I walked out – and went down the stairs not making a creak in them, which is actually very hard if you tried. I don’t remember why I went downstairs, But I remember going back into my bed. I felt really strange when I woke up. I knew I did that, but I wasn’t aware or concious of it all at once. It spooked me really bad. See now, what scared me more is that my friend came up to me, and told me she saw this happen, “her ghost” saw this happen. She tried to wake me somehow, she told me I was possessed as my eyes didn’t look like my own. It spooked me because she wasn’t there. She wasn’t with me, she never slept over. But she knew what happened. It will forever be a mystery to me.
That story is 100% real. It still scares me to this day. I get goosebumps about it. I have many other paranormal spooky stories, I’ll tell ya 2 more.
I visit Bilbao, Spain every year, in the summer because I have family there. I have my grandmother, great grandmother, grandpa, uncle, cousins, just a whole whack of them. There is this town called ea. Pronounced, (ay-ah) It’s a very very small town. It’s made up of apartments, a stretched plaza, road to a mountain-like highway to leave, and a beach. That’s it. You can even search is up and see some pictures, it’s called Ea, Biscay. Anyway, my uncle stays there sometimes with my aunt and cousin – my cousin being small, wants me to tag along for a couple days. I’ll be honest, I don’t like going there – just because there’s really not much to do because your only option is to go to the beach, really. So, my cousin is small, but old enough to take me around and just walk alone together. One of my first times there she tells me about a bridge. I wasn’t too interested at first until we started walking across it and she told me it was said to be one of the oldest bridges there, it was medieval. I know what you’re thinking – something terrible happened on that bridge and it’s gonna scare the crap out of me! Well, no. Not that I know of. I just thought it was cool that that bridge was medieval. But, As we were walking along the bridge, in one of the house windows I saw a very faded, dark face staring back. I didn’t think much of it cause I thought it was just a person, and didn’t want to spook my cousin.
As we get ready for bed, because me and my cousin stayed in the same room, I feel a bit of uncertainty – have you ever had that feeling, if you’ve ever slept at someone else’s house you feel uncomfortable and don’t really get good vibes? That’s how I felt. I ignored it. Convinced myself I was just being a paranoid shudden. But I was woken in the middle of the night to something strange. I woke up, with tired eyes, still half-asleep – to a tall, dark shadowy figure. I stared at it. I didn’t even have time to process it. I thought it was just my uncle and it was too dark to see, so I said his name softly, in a question form. I analyzed the figure and was quick to realize it wasn’t him. It was two years ago, so I don’t clearly remember what the figure said – but it said something along the lines of “GET OUT, YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW.” I’m 100% sure it told me to get out, I just can’t remember what followed, but something close to that. I was terrified. It was pointing at me. I remember what it looked like so clearly, It was a very tall dark figure, with a skinny body and long arms. I awoke twice to this. The first time, when it was standing in front of my bed but I quickly went back to sleep, and the second time, when that happened – the only difference is it was standing in front of the door. To this day I’m not sure why this happened. I’m not sure if, this wanted me out or it was a warning. This is also a mystery to me. I don’t know if it was something evil, or something trying to help. All I know is that it scared the living shit out of me. And the next day, I left. All I could think about was that on the way back to my grandma’s. I’m still scared to go there, to sleep there.
I got one more for you guys. Again, these are all real stories. My uncle passed away about, 3 years ago now. I was in the 8th grade. He passed from a heart attack, in his work office. He was laying there for about 15 minutes, it was too late when someone came. Now, fast forward to his funeral. I’m sitting there front row, silent, teeth clenched – staring at his corpse trying not to cry in front of everyone. I see people pass by his coffin, giving their prayers to him, and their condolences to me and my family. Some were hysterical, some were slightly saddened. Me? Well, I was just there clenching my teeth the whole time. Anywho, There was a long period of time given for anyone to go up, and put something in his casket, say a prayer and what not. Now, It took a while for me to pluck up the courage for that. Cause of all the glaring eyes behind me, and most importantly, I’m standing over my uncles corpse. My favourite uncle. My best friend. Keep in mind, I had nothing to put in his casket. But I wasn’t going to leave knowing I’m leaving nothing. So, When I plucked up the courage, I suddenly had an idea. My favourite bracelet. It wasn’t much, but I wore it all the time and I really loved it. It wasn’t nothing fancy, it had a brown leather band with a latch at the end, and in the middle was a silver square with a symbol engraved in the middle, with 2 other smaller single squares on each side. It fit snug on my wrist. It was the only thing I had. So I decided, why not? I unhooked the latch and placed it in his hands, kissed his forehead which was cold and depressing – have you ever kissed a corpse before? I said something to him, knelt down at the pedestal and prayed, then went back to my seat. Now, fast forward about a week or two later. I wake up, in one of the strangest ways possible. I immediately sat up, turned my head to left, looked down and flipped my blanket over – to my shock I see a bracelet. A bracelet, I’ve never seen before. It was weird enough to wake up like that, and this to follow? Wow. I didn’t know what to do. I was a mix of emotions. But I decided to tell my mom. At first I thought she had placed it there, but then logically thinking, why would she come into my room in the middle of the night, to place a bracelet under my blanket right beside me – I’m not a deep sleeper I would of heard it. I told her about it and she laughed. “What you think your tio put it there to return the favor?! Hahahahah! You’re so funny.” But I wasn’t joking around I was being completely serious, It made me mad they didn’t believe me. The bracelet is thin, it’s a circular black leather band, with a silver hook-on. It has a bead in the middle thats an oval shaped, its a deep blue/purple mix with a bit of glitter. On one side it has a pink painted on flower, and the other side its a half pink and purple, painted on butterfly. It then has 2 small little plates I guess you could describe it, to hold it in place, followed by 2 silver beads on each end, the same circular plates, and then a coil looking silver attachment on both sides to hold in place. I’m holding it as I’m describing it. The hook to put it on broke off, but I still kept it because it is so remarkable and seemingly impossible for it to happen, That I couldn’t not keep it.
I’ll tell ya, Life is strange. I look at it as one big mystery. How is it possible to have something there, and physically leave something over but at the same time not be visible to the naked eye? It’s a crazy concept. I could go on for ages about my thoughts about life, how things work. But I’ll just leave it at there for you to ponder the thought for a while.


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