Altimahtei :

Fortapt Sjel.. my.. my name is.. Fortapt Sjel.. Ahhrg this pain, the never ending pain, like somebody has a grip on the inside of my head.. like a hand is resting on my brain.. from.. the darkest corners of Altimahtei he.. uhh I will explain whats happened, my story, my warning.
It started yesterday, when Markand was  still alive.. yea, when Markand.. uhh I lived, no, I live in Mumbai, with my mother, just my mother.. I’ve lived here all my life, I dont have much of a life, not many friends, not that it matters. My closest friends were Markand and his sister Hajeet, Mehra. Yesterday, it was yesterday we were walking home, we lived quite close to eachother and tended to take the back street path on the way home from our daily activities, to escape the urban chaos that is Mumbai, India. I felt something knawing at me, something wasn’t right. Sure enough it wasn’t long before found a young boy alone, he was badly injured, he was only wearing rags around his waist. There was something about him, that ragged jet black hair and his pure grey eyes, that seemed menacing, but, thats not what caught our attention. The massive scars and open wound across his chest was what unsettled us.. Markand was the first to run over to the blood-covered boy, to try and help him up, only met with resistance from the kid. I remember Hajeet crying, covering her mouth when we caught sight of his ribs poking out of the flesh wound, we all knew we had to get help soon if this boy was to live. but as Markand tried to pick the boy up, the child grabbed his collar and pulled himself upto markand’s face. He had a sense of authority in the way he spoke to Markand, he spoke with the voice of a man. He warned us of a danger, an evil. He told us he had limited time, that his name was Svenhallen, that he had been running, travelling through space and time for centuries, to escape an evil, escape the shadows from Altimahtei.
I thought this kid was crazy, but something about his brief tale was believable, no natural animal could inflict those wounds he had. Markand, clearly not wanting to waste precious time this kid had left, went to pick Svenhallen up and take him somewhere for medical treatment, screaming with an inhuman voice, Svenhellen threw red dust into Markands face and ran off down the alleyway leaving Markand yelling, clutching his face, screaming in pain. I made a dash for the kid, who was running faster then any of us could have thought. The air started heating up, within a matter of seconds the air around me started to burn, everything became distorted and my legs just gave way, I fell, hard.. My head felt as if a train had hit it, I felt disoriented, by the time I came to my senses and looked up, Svenhallen had dissapeared where he had been 20 seconds ago.
By the time I made it back to the slleyway where I had left the Mehra siblings, Hajeet had sat Markand up by the alley wall, his face was completely burned.. I dont know what that boy threw into his face but it must have been toxic.. I helped Hajeet carry Markand home, his eyes were red and blood was leaking down his cheeks, I was worried, something was definitely wrong with Markand, he had fallen in and out of consciousness several time on the journey home. Mrs Mehra sent me away as soon as we got to their house, she didn’t even give us time to explain what happened.. I didn’t know what Hajeet was going to say to her mother but the truth probably would only cause disbelief.
Ill never forget the worry I had as I walked home, everything passed so quickly, I couldn’t think right, everything was a blur. Until that night..
A sharp noise woke me up, I checked my clock, it was 1 in the morning. “Who the hell rings at this time in the morning?” I thought as I got up to answer the phone, just in the corner of my eye I swear I saw someone outside moving. Ignoring it because we lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment, I answered the phone.
“Fortapt? Fortapt!?” I winced as I recognised the loud voice shouting at me,
“Hajeet what is it? Is Markand alright?” I replied, a silence on the other end of the phone which felt like a life time before Hajeet had the courage to say anything
“It.. it is Markand.. Fortapt could you please come over? I dont know what to do.. something is seriously wrong with Markand and mother is just using herbal remidies saying Prajapati will look over him, Markand has asked for you a few times, I know its late but please.. Fortapt.. I dont think he’s going to make it to the morning”
Speechless, I only felt shock and concern for my lifetime friend.. it was only a burn, how could he possibly be dying? “No it couldnt be that bad, it just couldn’t” I told myself
“I’ll be as soon as I can” I said quickly and hung up. I sat there, going over different possibilities, different excuses, this Svenhallen had alot to answer for, I hoped there and then his wound had killed him by now. It was 5 minutes later I jumped out my window and climbed down the drain pipe of out the 3 story house, down into the streets below, then in darkness, I started making my way to the Mehra residence. I took a few shortcuts along the way, wanting to get there as soon as I could, the familiar buzz of people could be heard in the distance. Even at 1 in the morning people still had business to attend to it seemed. But above all the noise of the city, I could hear whispers, as I walked down the isolated side streets and paths, I could see shadows moving quickly whispering. fear slowly crept into me as I could faintly make out what they were saying “Markand.. Maaaarkand” They got louder as my heart started racing, in the corner of my eye I could see shadows moving towards me but no matter how fast I whipped my head to face them, they were gone.
Panicing I sprinted, not wanting to face the terrors that had spooked me, the voices spoke louder as I ran “Markand.. Altimahtei.. Death.. Ramnamistahhhv..”
a few pots nearby were flung off the wooden tables they sat on, and stalls would snap and crack as if under pressure. Not stopping I sprinted in sheer panic for what seemed like a lifetime, I could only feel my blood rushing and felt as if something was chasing me, getting closer and closer with each pace I sprinted. I was relieved when I finally got to Markands house, it was a small single story shack in a crowded slum district of the city. Slamming on the door I screamed “HAJEET, PLEASE LET ME IN, IM BEING FOLLOWED HAJEEEEET!!” a glass cup was flung by my left ear, I screamed and covered my ears just as Hajeet opened the door, she gave a shriek and stared angrily at me
“Fortapt, what the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled
I just ran inside and slammed the door shut, I tried to explain to her but i could see she dismissed it as natural fear of the dark,
“Come, take a look at Markand” she gestured for me to go into the main room. There on the couch was Markand, his eyes were wide open and black fluid was oozing out of them, a bowl sat by the couch with red-stained teeth, Hajeet explained how they just started falling out, his face had turned into a boil covered mess and what struck me most shocking was it had appeared his nose had been melted off his face.
tears found their way to my eyes as i looked at my best friend lying there on the couch,
“Oh Markand.. whats happened to you..” I sobbed, then the worst thing that could ever happen, happened. he sat up as if surprised by my sudden presence, and spoke, with what seemed to be a thousand sorrowful voices
“I seek Svenhallen, Fortapt, look at me. Where is Svenhellen? I shall take him with me to Altimahtei, back to the darkness I see in my visions..”
Blood dripped from his mouth as he spoke, eyes wide open, that wasn’t Markand on the couch anymore, that was something entirely different. I took his hand, not knowing what to do, he didn’t even seem to acknowledge I was there. His black eyes just seemed to stare into distant lands only he could see,
“I DEMAND SVENHELLEN!!” He yelled with a powerful voice, with such force cracks were made in the walls, the light sarted flickering and swinging wildly around, I just held Markands hand and ignored Hajeets cries of fear, I was terrified, I stood there for about 30 secondsjust crying
“Markand” I choked with a quiet sobbing voice, “Svenhellen is gone, where are YOU brother.. come back to us..” I pleaded desperately, knowing whatever was talking wasn’t him. He just started chanting in a language unknown to me and raising his arms, a bloodcurling scream was made in one of the rooms, I think it was Msr Mehra, or maybe it was Hajeet, my mind was so far away I couldnt tell. Objects started flying about the room as Markands body chanted, blood splattered over his chest and the darkness grew darker around the room. The light suddenly blew in an explosion of electricity, I just stood there, not believing what was happening. I didnt even feel Hajeet tugging my arm pleading for me to move, only when two spikes broke out of the back of Markands body, did I realise Hajeet panicing.
Unable to look at Markand turn into some deformed monster, I turned away it was hard to see anything. It was like a whirlwind was in the house, plates, knifes, paper, cushions all flying around the house moved by some unnatural force, and worst of all the room just keept growing darker. Hajeet made a run towards her mothers room
“WE HAVE TO LEAVE!!” she screamed,
I ran after her. When we got to her  mothers room, Mrs Mehra was nailed halfway up thhe wall, horrific symbols carved of blood and fire surrounded her. her stomach had been torn open and her heart was on a plate neatly placed on the floor, Hajeet stood there screaming, I grabbed her and pulled her away from the gruesome sight.
Voices began to shout and I could make out shadow silhouettes moving about the house. Hajeet made a sudden run for the door but a knife struck her in the throat, her scream cut short as she spat out blood and collapsed, not thinking I ran for the door jumping over Hajeet and bursting out of the small shack house. I turned to see Hajeets body be ripped apart by the shadows, I just ran.
I’ve been walking for 2 hours now, I dont know where Im walking to. I can hear the shadows, my head, oh god my head..
They’re closing in I can hear them, surrounding me slowly, waiting for the right moment to strike. I turn down an alleyway and my heart stops. Down the end of the alleyway, shrouded in darkness, barely recognisable behind the thick blanket of fog was the torso of Markand. It looked as if his body had been ripped in half, two giant disfigured extended arms stretched out of his back holding him up, his intestines hung out and dragged along the ground. He slowly made his way towards me, looking deep into my eyes with a grin of razor sharp teeth that must have recently grown. “Come with me to Altimahtei Fortapt, come with me to Altimahtei..” I stood there as shadows walked upto me, as Markand crawled upto me.. Then, there was darkness.


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