Легенда об охотнике Херне

The legend of the hunter Herne is one of the strangest English folk tales. There are several versions associated with the rule of Richard II (1377-99), Henry VII (1485-1509), Henry VIII (1504-1547) and even Elizabeth I (1558-1603). Each one tells a different story about a hunter who is scary to this day in Windsor Park. In one of the most widespread versions of the legend, Herne was a royal hunter who was accused (falsely, according to some accounts) of using dark magic and hung on a large oak on the order of the king. According to other accounts, Herne committed suicide in this tree hanging from despair after the king seduced his daughter. Another version says that he was betrayed by the king, whom he had courageously saved from death, when he was attacked by a deer. After his death, Herne returned as a ghost, transformed into a mad, ruthless avenger, with a head decorated with a pair of deer horns – a symbol of his former royal hunting function.


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